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Beyond the Horizon

for String Quartet

Beyond the Horizon takes an imaginary trip into the black hole, and portrays the protagonist’s experience travelling through various stages, from the ergosphere to the event horizon. I was inspired by various depictions of journeys into black holes in films and literature, and they often meander through the ideas of mystery, inevitability, and power: Is entering a black hole a one-way ride to certain doom? What lies beyond the event horizon? HereI takes a musical interpretation of his imagination of the unknown beyond the event horizon, which could lead to a point of singularity where everything ceases to exist, or to another universe, in which case the black hole is in fact a wormhole. While most would imagine the former outcome, this piece seems to suggest otherwise, as it rises to a triumphant climax towards the end of the piece.


Performed by the Bergamot Quartet (Ledah Finck and Sarah Jane Thomas, violins; Amy Tan, viola; Irene Han, cello)

Directed by Caroline Xia with videography by Rafhael Dungca

Audio Engineering by Andrew Bohman

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