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Meditation under the Midnight Sun

for Wind Ensemble

For two months in the summer of 2015, I was left stranded without a place to stay, so I decided to travel around the world. It was great to get out of the busy world that we are so used to everyday and simply find a quiet spot in nature to meditate. So I went to Norway, a country having the same population as Singapore but 500 times bigger. Surrounded by its amazing scenery, I sat under the half-lit sky in midnight. What if time is not defined by day and night anymore since day is night and night is day, and what if everything we know are just imaginations relatively coherent to the world constructed by our relatively incoherent human mind? Immediately I felt a sense of connection to where I was and believed that change is the only constant, and home is where the heart is. This time I choose to express it through music.

Premiered by The Philharmonic Winds at Esplanade Concert Hall

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