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for Piano

Passages is a set of four pieces with a core theme: a stream of continuous notes. This stream is like a journey that hopes to take the listener to different places within its sonic world. It explores contrasting emotions, as well as melodic and harmonic possibilities using a single line. Passage 1 presents a toccata-like theme that contrasts with the more lyrical and ambient secondary theme. Passage 2 has an unwavering arpeggio pattern that follows throughout the piece, out of which a melodic line appears. Passage 3 is a short but virtuosic piece, with some reminiscences of the lyrical idea in Passage 1. The set concludes with Passage 4, which begins in a similar way as Passage 1¸but continues to a toccata and quasi-minimalist sections, eventually ending off with a virtuosic finish.

Dedicated to and premiered by Huizi Zhang

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